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To communicate or not to communicate?  That is the question?  Actually, for a Chapter, non communications really hurts.  The Chapter has developed several robust means of communications. 

How is the best way to communicate with you? Email, Text Messages, Snail Mail, Telephone? All of the Above? None of the Above? 

Companions Alex Alonzo and Charley Ashley conducted a communications survey of all members to find out the best way to communicate Chapter news.  The results of the membership survey were that a third of our membership did not have emails but would like to be kept informed by phone calls, a third would like to be informed by email, and a third only had postal addresses.  To meet the challenges the following mix is being used.   

Chapter Website with Chapter Info available.

E-Blast email notifications list for those who would like reminders and messages via email.  

A computerized voice notification system that will call all chapter members with meeting and special messages for those who would like voice messages.  

Continue to publish and snail mail "Under the Walnut Shell" Newsletter.  

Comments?  Improvements? Please email: 

     Alex Alonzo, jaalonzo11@gmail.com
     Charley Ashley, cashley@insight.rr.com  


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